Top 20 NuGet WebApi Packages

WebServices Dynamic
Recipe to make new WebApi project
Nanophone aspnetcore configuration provider
OData Web API (i.e., ASP.NET Web API OData) is a server library built upon ODataLib and Web API.
Library that allows you to host a WebApi application inside of an Azure Functions project.
Miscellaneous Web api components, including dependency resolver and cache and model state manipulation
.NET Core 2.0 WebApi Application
.NET Core 2.0 WebApi Application
A library to auto-generate JavaScript proxy objects from WebAPI and MVC controllers.
A package to add intellisense to ProxyApi
Object library to be used with the TradeStation WebAPI
Set of classes that let you fluently configure Web API controllers for the purpose of unit testing
Provides a generic implementation of WebAPI over an Entity Framework entity, and client javascript for using the api in grids and forms.
Enable CORS Authentication for a WebAPI project
Create a Postman Collection from your Web API Services.
A set of media type formatters.
This package provides a T4 template that generates Javascript proxy classes based on an ASP.NET Web Api metadata service.
Validate property value of an object.