Top 20 NuGet utilities Packages

Contains an abstract class to implement a mysql table controller.
CodeJam is a set of handy reusable .NET components that can simplify your daily work and save your time when you copy and paste your favorite helper methods and classes from one project to another.
Indice.Common Class Library
Shortcuts and General Extensions
Utilities library built on the top of native MongoDb driver.
WCF Common utilities used across SOA application.
A treasure trove of useful extension methods, helpers, and tools for ASP.NET and MVC. Halide includes extension methods for manipulating base types (like strings, byte arrays, numerics), and static helper classes for HTTP and REST helpers, SQL data readers, security and encryption, file compression,...
A treasure trove of useful extension methods, helpers, and tools for Umbraco CMS. Carbide includes: extension methods for manipulating IPublishedContent objects, WebAPI routes for file handling, Umbraco dashboard tools to speed development, additional form field validators, and static helper classes...
Kode-Aid shared common library.
Library for interacting with the contents of Sansar Bag files
Adds batch insert, delete by query, update by query and some other features to Entity Framework. This a fork that adds various features and bugfixes to the original EFUtilities by Mikael Eliasson.
SARIF-based classes and utilities for building static analysis drivers. Includes the SARIF SDK.
Kode-Aid shared Redis caching library.
A library of tools for F# development, used by other CurryOn packages for standard utilities and extensions.
New Fluent MVVM Framework. More agile development.
Kode-Aid shared Entity Framework Core library.
Kode-Aid shared SQL cache library.
Kode-Aid shared MemoryCache library.
Kode-Aid shared caching core library.