Top 20 NuGet unity Packages

An unofficial Unity implementation of the interfaces in Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions.
AutoMoq built for Unity5
Flexberry ORM UnityFactory package.
Decoupled Caching Abstraction for .NET
The Unity Application Block (Unity) is a lightweight extensible dependency injection container with support for constructor, property, and method call injection. It facilitates loosely-coupled design. Declarative configuration and registration by convention are supported on selected platforms. This ...
IronFramework Common IOC for EntLib
Unity for self hosted WebApi
Contains neural learning algorithms such as Levenberg-Marquardt, Parallel Resilient Backpropagation, initialization procedures such as Nguyen-Widrow and other neural network related methods. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
This package contains libraries of the Accord.NET Framework that are NOT available under the LGPL. It currently includes Accord.MachineLearning.GPL, which contains GPL code and thus can only be used inside GPL-compliant applications. Please take extra care before including this library in your proje...
Contains Fuzzy logic tools, such as fuzzy sets, linguistic variables and inference systems. This package originated from the AForge.NET Framework and is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
Unity integration with Rhino.ServiceBus
UnityContainer implementation of the Shuttle.Core.Container dependency injection interfaces
Contains classes to download and parse machine learning datasets such as MNIST, News20, Iris. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
Unity Webapi (unity-webapi) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A Scriptable Object based event and data manipulation framework for Unity
A developer console library implementing most of the features of Source Engine/Id-style commands and variables. It is designed to be compatible with Unity but is not dependent on it. See project page for usage.
This package includes a mostly complete port of the MessagePack(for more info see: assembly to support .NET 4.0 and newer. These types can serialize by default: System.Delegate System.Type System.Globalization.CultureInfo System.Net.IPAddress System.Ne...
Extension to SlimMessageBus that resolves dependencies from Unity
Dryv integration with ASP.NET MVC and Unity. Dryv provides complex model validation for server and client made easy. Write complex model validation rules in C# once. Dryv will generate JavaScript for client-side validation.