Top 20 NuGet unity Packages

Unity implementation for the Waffle.
FeatureSwitch IoC container support for Unity
A feature flipping system with Unity.
This handy extension allows you to define code regardless of the final IoC container, this is to allow you to use unity
Unity-specific implementation for mediator pattern.
UnityRegistrationValidator is a simple Microsoft Unity Extension which allows to verify setup for ContainerControlledLifetimeManager dependencies.
Basic log4net Policy injection framework for Unity
A tiny testing library for your Unity container.
A Unity implementation of the NHibernate proxy factory
Convert STP files to 3d graphic models
CodeCop Setup Unity container adapter
Extension for the Unity IoC container that makes it easy to track IDisposable instances created during Resolve(), in order to dispose of them cleanly.
Unity.Patterns provides extensions for Unity dependency injection framework. The main focus is on Registration by Convention and the Decorator pattern.
The package defines a custom Unity's InjectionMember - InjectionCOnstructorLookup. It resolves a provided type between several inheritors of some basis type, depending on their constructor parameter signatures. Each inheritor should have a constructor with a certain signature - each parameter shoul...
ServiceBridge implementation for Unity container.
Use Unity as the IoC container for Mediator.Net
Provides .NET wrappers around the REST API's for Unity Connection User interfaces including CUPI for Users, CUMI and CUTI interfaces.
A simple extension to Unity that enables NLog Logger dependencies to be injected into consuming classes, with the ILogger instance being configured as the correct logger for the consuming class.
Unity implementation for the Command Processor.
Unity integration for AppFunc