Top 20 NuGet unity Packages

Lidgren common library for GladNet2.
Open source JIT Dependency Injection. Just another one - we know! But this follows the same design principles of Google's Guice. MIT License Has been used in 20+ Games which have had a combined download of 25M. Production ready!
Addition of Type Tracking functionality, and some helper extension methods to Unity Inversion of Control Container.
Using Unity to inject various settings from Azure Configuration file
UnityExportAttribute class is automatically registered in the UnityContainer. And inteception configuration is attribute.
Unity integration for ControllerRT
Unity extension to add IoC support to Workflow Foundation
An adapter to implement DContainer on top of Unity
Dependency Injection in ASP.NET WebForms using Unity.
Acyclic Visitor implementation using Micrososft Unity Container
ServiceStack.ContainerAdapter.Unity is a library that enables the Microsoft Unity framework to be used as the ServiceStack Inversion Of Control (IoC) provider.
Provides .NET wrappers around the CUNI notification engine including being able to initiate a monitoring session, edit which mailboxes are being monitored and handling events raised by the server. Can be used in a desktop applciation or a web server based on configuration.
Unity implementation for the Waffle.
FeatureSwitch IoC container support for Unity
A feature flipping system with Unity.
It is very light weight Dependency Resolver based on patterns & practices - Unity. It can resolve both MVC Controller and WebApi Controller.
This handy extension allows you to define code regardless of the final IoC container, this is to allow you to use unity
Unity-specific implementation for mediator pattern.
UnityRegistrationValidator is a simple Microsoft Unity Extension which allows to verify setup for ContainerControlledLifetimeManager dependencies.
A chill container that uses unity as a dependency injection container