Top 20 NuGet unittest Packages

The adapter to discover and execute MSTest Framework based tests. Supported platforms: - .NET 4.5.0+ - .NET Core 1.0+ (Universal Windows Apps 10+) (Visual Studio 2017) - ASP.NET Core 1.0+ (Visual Studio 2017)
This is MSTest V2, the evolution of Microsoft's Test Framework. Supported platforms: - .NET 4.5.0+ - .NET Core 1.0+ (Universal Windows Apps 10+, DNX Core 5+) - ASP.NET Core 1.0+ To discover and execute tests install MSTest.TestAdapter. To discover and execute tests for project.json based ...
Lightweight Http Mocking Server for .Net, inspired by WireMock from the Java landscape.
Moq is the most popular and friendly mocking framework for .NET
The Microsoft Test Platform Object Model.
The MSbuild targets and properties for building .NET test projects.
Testplatform host executes the test using specified adapter.
Build tasks and targets for running tests with Test Platform
The cross platform Microsoft Test Platform.
netDumbster is a .Net Fake SMTP Server clone of the popular Dumbster ( netDumbster is based on the API of nDumbster ( and the nice C# Email Server (CSES) written by Eric Daugherty.
The most powerful free mocking library available for .NET developers.
Machine.Fakes attempts to simplify the usage of such frameworks on top of Machine.Specifications by helping to reduce a lot of the typical fake framwork related clutter code in specifications. If you choose so, Machine.Fakes even helps you to stay mostly independent of a concrete fake framework by p...
A bunch of helpers to get around the deficiencies of MSTest. Features Dynamic/Runtime DataSource's, better exception support and much much more!
Lightweight StandAlone Http Mocking Server for .Net.
Additional AutoMapper extension methods for SparkyTestHelpers.Mapping (Unit test helpers for asserting public properties on class instances "mapped" from one type to another have the correct values.)
A Serilog sink that correlates log events with the code that produced them, enabling unit testing of log output.
This package contains full set of binaries for the Visual Studio Test Platform (vstest). vstest provides a modern, cross platform testing engine that also powers the testing on .NET Core. Supports the following popular test frameworks - MSTest(v1 and v2), xUnit and Nunit with support for extensibili...
Unit test helpers for asserting public properties on class instances "mapped" from one type to another (via AutoMapper, another tool, or hand-written code) have the correct values.
*TestBase* gives you a flying start with fluent assertions that are easy to extend; sharp failure messages; and tools for testing with heavy dependencies on AspNetMvc, HttpClient, Ado.Net, Streams and Logging. ``` UnitUnderTest.Action() .ShouldNotBeNull() .ShouldEqualByValueExceptFor(new {Id=1...
NCrunch.Framework is a run-time library for NCrunch users. This library contains attributes and tools that enable some very powerful features within NCrunch.