Top 20 NuGet time Packages

Google Places, Maps, Roads, Search and Translate. Requests and Responses are complete with Google api documentation and references.
This project is a merge of several common DateTime operations on the form of extensions to System.DateTime, including natural date difference text (precise and human rounded), holidays and working days calculations on several culture locales. Feedback will be much appreciated.
A lightweight JavaScript date library for parsing, manipulating, and formatting dates.
Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.DateTime provides robust recognition and resolution of Date and Time expressed in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Chinese.
Lightweight library to convert quickly between Windows time zone IDs and IANA Time Zone names.
Noda Time is a date and time API acting as an alternative to the built-in DateTime/DateTimeOffset etc types built into the .NET framework.
Framework for enabling time-series data processing services including hosted input, action and output adapter implementations.
A core implementation of all WakaTime C#-driven plug-ins for IDE such as Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Monodevelop etc
Provides localized time zone names.
Task scheduling for .NET: Azure Service Bus
NCrontab is crontab for all .NET runtimes supported by .NET Standard 1.0. It provides parsing and formatting of crontab expressions as well as calculation of occurrences of time based on a schedule expressed in the crontab format.
Provides an IANA time zone identifier from latitude and longitude coordinates.
BSON serializers for AccountingTime types.
A simple library designed to assist with geographic coordinate formatting and location based celestial information.
NodaTime plugin for Npgsql, allowing mapping of PostgreSQL date/time types to NodaTime types.
Parse and display moments in any timezone.
JSON converters for AccountingTime types.
A natural language date parser for .Net. A port of Ruby's chronic.
Rebex Time is an SNTP/NTP, Time and Daytime client library that enables your application to determine the exact time from Internet time servers. This is a paid commercial product with a free 30-day trial: - Trial mode: Start your free 30-day trial by generating your trial key at
Specifies types to help with dates and times in an accounting/finance context.