Top 20 NuGet subscribe Packages

Framework for enabling time-series data processing services including hosted input, action and output adapter implementations.
Enrich the BusClient with SubscribeAsync, used for message consume.
Use this for Microsoft Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics, EventHub and Relay backend operations. It adds Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll along with related configuration files to your project. This library allows AMQP 1.0 to be used as one of the protocols for communication with Microsoft Azure Se...
The endpoint plugin to connect an endpoint to Service Control
Pub/Sub in-memory with all parts configurable
An implementation of the EventAggregator pattern.
ArqueBus is a .Net Standard 2.0 generic open source memory event bus.
Eventing library, with support for MsSql and MySql. Ideal for implementing, eventdriven architectures, pub-sub, microservices, etc.
Enrich the BusClient with a Subscribe method that has argument for Message Context.
Subscribe UI Event (subscribe-ui-event) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
React Mailchimp Subscribe (react-mailchimp-subscribe) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Plugin for native MSMQ queue length data to ServiceControl Monitoring instance
The endpoint plugin to connect an endpoint to Service Control
Micro topic pubsub library.
NATS acts as a central nervous system for distributed systems at scale, such as mobile devices, IoT networks, and cloud native infrastructure. This is the .NET client API.
Micro topic pubsub library.
EzBus - Messaging made easy!
Enables audit of Saga state changes
RabbitMQ transport for EzBus
Class library adding support for the Publish/Subscribe extension (XEP-0060) to the XMPP Client library defined in Waher.Networking.XMPP.