Top 20 NuGet Sql Packages

This package contains the interfaces to implement to extend NBi features. Testing framework (add-on to NUnit) for Business Intelligence. It supports the Microsoft Data platform (SQL Server Database engine, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) but also MySQL, PostgreSQL and other solutions.
support sql server,db2,mysql,oracle,access,sqlite and sql server entity framework etc common library.
Trivial micro-orm implemented on Dapper, provides with CRUD helpers.
This packages translats oData query to CosmosDB (DocumentDB). For more information about the usage check the project site please.
A significant abstraction over integrating any relational database into your .NET application, to the point of query-free interactions where your tables are merely classes in your code.
Package Description
Allows SQL Server Compact 4.0 to be used with Entity Framework Core
sqlite-net is an open source, minimal library to allow .NET and Mono applications to store data in SQLite databases. It is written in C# 3.0 and is meant to be simply compiled in with your projects. It was first designed to work with MonoTouch on the iPhone, but should work in any other CLI environm...
Evolve is an easy migration tool that uses plain old sql scripts. Its purpose is to automate your database changes, and help keep those changes synchronized through all your environments and developpement teams. Every time you build your project, it will automatically ensure that your database is up...
Extensions to support ConnectionSettings with Insight.Database.
Db to csv converter library.
Tools and extensions for working with data.
A polyglot library to help POCO objects work with both NoSQL and SQL databases at the same time on .NET Standard 2.0
NodaTime plugin for Npgsql, allowing mapping of PostgreSQL date/time types to NodaTime types.
BeatPulse.SqlServer is the health check package for SqlServer on BeatPulse
Data.Modeler helps to model database schemas using C#.
SQLParser is, as the name suggests, a parser/lexer for SQL.
CatFactory package for SQL Server
This extension provides bulk insert, bulk update and bulk select. Bulk insert supports complete entity hierarchies, maintaining foreign key relationsships.
A library that provides the infrastructure needed to build powerful LINQ query providers for SQL databases.