Top 20 NuGet simpleinjector Packages

Assign SimpleInjector to the BoC IOC abstraction layer
Bootstrap for Service Fabric OWIN Stateless Services
SimpleInjector Utility
This is a (hopefully temporary) fork of HangFire.SimpleInjector that enables support for NetStandard
SimpleInjector dependency injection library adapter for FluentDataAnnotations.Mvc
SimpleInjector integration for CoreApp
Set of extension methods for IFactory and SimpleInjector
SimpleInjector adapter for Common Service Registry.
SimpleInjector adapter for Common Service Registry.
Simple Injector Extensions
Provides dependency injection for Topshelf using SimpleInjector
A flexible auto-registration module that extends Simple Injector Inversion of Control IoC container ( By default, this will register the basic types with simple registrations, including more complex generics. It also adds support for your IEnumerable<>, Lazy<>, and Fun...
Advanced registration methods for Simple Injector DI framework.
Thin Di Abstraction implemented with SimpleInjector
Extends SimpleInjector with capability to Register Modules to the container which comes very handy if you follow SOLID principles and don't want to expose your internal class implementations.
Bootstrap for Service Fabric Stateful Services
Bootstrap for Service Fabric Stateless Services
Bootstrap for Service Fabric Reliable Actors
Integration for SimpleInjector for NSaga - Lightweight Saga management framework
Package to facilitate bootstrapping Reliable Services that require Reliable Collections upon construction.