Top 20 NuGet resources Packages

Suplements the built-in Resources .resx C# generator by generating a strong-typed class named Strings from the same .resx file, but exposing format parameters as method parameters and organizing strings in classes according to the resource name if it uses underscores. i.e. User_InvalidCredentials ...
Provides useful methods for extracting information from and interacting with assemblies using reflection.
MSBuild Tasks to help creating self-contained embedded versions of ServiceStack that can be ILMerged into a single cross-platform .exe accessed by the users perferred browser or hosted inside a Native Desktop App shell containing a Web Browser widget. Once added to a project the install.ps1 s...
A tool to generate classes for UWP string resources.
West Wind Globalization provides database localization providers for .NET 4.5+ and .NET Core 2+. This package also contains a number of Localization helpers to import and convert Resx resources, provide easy locale switching. Supported Db providers: Sql Server, SqLite, MySql. For use in Web a...
Provides ASP.NET Core specific features to the Westwind.Globalization library, including IStringLocalizer interfaces, JavaScript Resource handler and an on-line Resource editor to allow real-time editing of data resources. Note: In order to use the Localization Administration feature, please dow...
This library provides the ASP.NET specific components to the Westwind.Globalization library. It contains the ASP.NET Resource Providers (DbResourceSimpleProvider, DbResourceProvider), the JavaScript Resource Handler to serve ASP.NET resources to JavaScript client, the on-line Resource editor to allo...
Resources for JavaScript Generator
This project is the Web Starter project for Westwind.Globalization.Web. It includes a few sample resources you can use to verify that the dbResource provider is working and allows you to play with a sample page. It's recommended you start with this .Starter NuGet package - you can remove it after yo...
Angular OData Resources (angular-odata-resources) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Aurelia Templating Resources (aurelia-templating-resources) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Natural Language Processing libraries of Veles project, Core and Data namespaces dealing with lexic resources, pipeline decomposition and other NLP stuff
Enables ASP to read content files (e.g. .css, .js, .aspx) stored as embedded resources in referenced assemblies. This full package contrains additional bootstrap template code and settings for seamless integration into apps.
Some basic helpers with very few dependencies.
ASP.NET Core MVC Tag Helpers for Authorization. These to easily render blocks of HTML only for those users who are authorized based on ASP.NET Core authorization policies
Provides classes to store localization strings in a database, XML file, or any other source.
Autofac enhancement that makes it easy to introduce multi-tenant variants by defining resources and customer-specific logic.
Embedded resource helper that mirrors File APIs: e.g. EmbeddedResource.ReadAllText().
Helps with managing client side resources in Asp.Net Core (js, css, scss, ...)
Enables ASP to read content files (e.g. .css, .js, .aspx) stored as embedded resources in referenced assemblies. This core package contains only an assembly, see also EmbeddedResourceVirtualPathProvider with bootstrap code for seamless integration into your app.