Top 20 NuGet repository Packages

CodeGenHero is an amazing Visual Studio extension that enhances developer productivity via code generation. This package should be added to projects that are the target of CodeGenHero templates that leverage Reverse POCO entities along with Entity Framework.
Implementing the Repository pattern for use MongoDb
The package is a part of Saritasa Tools project. Saritasa.Tools.EfCore1 contains implementations for unit of work, repository interfaces.
A tiny utility for Repository-Service pattern for ASP.NET Core
SharpRepository generic repository implemented in RavenDb 3.5
Repository, unit of work and related patterns interfaces
Injects SharpRepository using StructureMap in your .NET Core apps or even using Microsoft.DependencyInjection library.
SharpRepository generic repository implementation for Entity Framework 1.1 and 2
Utitlity methods for working with DBContext. Resolve DBContext from EndPoint, create database, apply migrations, drop database.
EndPoint validators for AdaptiveClient
EventStore implementation for saving and rebuilding objects from event streams.
Provides a simple generic implementation of the Repository Pattern for Entity Framework Core.
Provides a simple generic implementation of the Repository Pattern for Entity Framework Core.
Yarn In-memory Provider
Yarn RavenDB Provider
SQL Repo core components and interfaces. Supports implementation of SQL statement builders that are made available within an implementation of the Repository pattern.
The BullOak.Repositories implementation for NEventStore
A base repostitory implementation to be used in message-drive, CQRS-based architectures
A simple package with a base Specification class, for use in creating queries that work with Repository types.
This official URF framework minimizes the surface area of your ORM technlogy from disseminating in your application. Framework provides an elegant way to implement a reusable and extensible Unit of Work and Repository pattern.