Top 20 NuGet protocol Packages

Library for parsing and generating standard synchrophasor protocol data streams
Transport model in DotNetty
General purpose codecs for DotNetty
Application handlers for DotNetty
Buffer management in DotNetty
DotNetty common routines
C# implementation of gRPC - an RPC library and framework. See project site for more info.
Package Description
A library for serializing ADO.NET DataTables and DataReaders into an efficient, portable binary format. Uses Marc Gravell's Google Protocol Buffers library, protobuf-net.
Package Description
MQTT codec for DotNetty
Precompiled protobuf compiler and gRPC protobuf compiler plugin for generating gRPC client/server C# code. Binaries are available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
Library of network protocol implementations (e.g., FTP)
C# runtime library for Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format.
A declarative serialization framework for controlling formatting of data using field bindings.
NuGet Protocol for 3.1.0 servers
UDP Socket implementation for NZSmartie.CoAPNet
Server and handler implementation for NZSmartie.CoAPNet
Metadata based serializer for World of Warcraft packets. Design inspired from Blizzard's JAM and Marc Gravell's Protobuf-Net. Uses attributes to annotate DTOs that are made serializable according to the Blizzard JAM packet protocol. Can be extended for use outside of World of Warcraft too!
NuGet's protocol-level base types used for connecting to API v2 and API v3 repositories.