Top 20 NuGet paging Packages

Reinforced.Lattice additional Razor templating extensions for ASP.NET MVC 6 (MVC Core)
Reinforced.Lattice helpers for changing layout design templates built for ASP.NET MVC 6 (MVC Core)
Razor pager for MVC6 paged lists from Smetko.Paging (first,prev,1,2,3,,last). Easy template override. Check nuget page to see examples.
A paging tag helper for ASP.NET Core 2.0 with ajax support and Bootstrap 4.0 generated markup.
Biblioteca com facilitadores para manipulação de dados utilizando Entity Framework.
ASP.NET Core PagedList core library provides data paging functionality for ASP.NET Core targeted projects.
Simple, intuitive and logical every-day-usage additions to the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 and newer. Follows the same namespace structure already found in the .NET Framework.
PagedList and Pager implementation for slicing data into pages and calculating next/prev page numbers for display
This library provides data-paging functionality and pager UI for ASP.NET Core MVC projects.
Paging Framework
Paging Framework
ASP.NET Core PagedList abstraction layer defines the IPagedList and IDynamicPagedList interface and useful extension methods for ASP.NET Core targeted projects. This project does not contains the implementation for creating paged list from a certain data source.
Simple library to implement pagination in .NET.
This package provides extension method to create PagedList using EntityFramework async method.
AspNetPager is a free custom paging control for ASP.NET web form application. It's one of the most popular ASP.NET third party controls used by chinese ASP.NET developers. AspNetPager was first published in 2003 and had been steadily improved and updated since then. Online demos: http://en.webdiyer...
MVC 4 Paging with bootstrap or without bootstrap design also has different options like ItemTexts, TooltipTitles, Size, Alignment, IsShowControls, ItemIcon, metro css supported. Demo Now mvc paging areas supported.
MvcPager is a free and open source paging component for ASP.NET MVC, it expose a series of extension methods for using in ASP.NET MVC applications, the implementation was inspired by Scott Guthrie's PagedList<T> idea, it was first published in 2009 and had been steadily improved and updated since th...
Library to support link-header-based paging per RFC-5988
A smart paging library for .NET queryables and enumerables.
The ASP.NET Core integration assembly of a simple library for providing paging, sorting and filtering to Asp.Net projects