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http transfer using Flurl.http for Jimu micorservice framework
Package Description
Package Description
The Enterprise Library Policy Injection Application Block can be used to change the behavior of any .NET objects, in order to better manage crosscutting concerns for these objects. The policy injection is implemented through the Unity interception mechanism. The package includes call handlers for Lo...
Base32 and ZBase32 encoding library
This is Entity Framework Core logger and logger provider. A small package to allow store logs in any data store using Entity Framework Core.
MySql.Data.MySqlClient .Net Core Class Library
Simple .NET EDI X12 Reader, Writer and Validator. EDI JSON and XML Serialization and Deserialization.
HTML-to-PDF converter for .NET / Mono / .NET Core (WkHtmlToPdf wrapper). Generates pretty-looking PDF by HTML template or web page URL. Supports page header/footer, page numbering, custom fonts, javascript execution.
Classes designed to make working with C# code easier.
Embedded storage for EasyDocDb - stores documents as files on a local drive.
A simple Jenkins client, providing a C# wrapper around the default Jenkins API.
Video converter component for C#/.NET (wrapper for FFMpeg utility). Can be used for converting videos, transcoding live streams, extracting video thumbnails, applying watermarks etc.
A simple Steam client, providing a C# wrapper around the default Steam web API.
Lightweight extensions methods (and constants) for common programming tasks: Suffixes (AsMemory, AsTime), Interpolate, Partition, Shuffle (O(n)), Softmax, InnerProduct, IsPrime, ManhattanDistance, EuclideanDistance, InClosedRange, MeanSquaredError, EqualsWithTolerance, HsVtoArgb, Scale, Fit and man...
NetCoreForce standard obect models package
Faster Mapper (Transformator) for .NET Core 2 (.NET Standart 2) More:
Implementation of the RAFT consensus algorithm among TCP peers with disk or memory persistence
Azure storage for EasyDocDb - stores documents as files in Azure (as Blobs).
A TCP communication framework based on dotnetty