Top 20 NuGet mvc Packages

MVC Razor WebPages Asp.NET Framework
Utility methods for unit testing model validation in ASP.NET MVC. Enables you to execute validation on a model object from a unit test. This way you can test if your validation annotations are working properly, for example. Also allows you to perform validation of a (view)model against ...
MvcWebApiCors is a small library for .NET MVC 4 which sets the response headers correctly to allow Cross Origin Resource Sharing. You don't have to upgrade to MVC 5, you don't have to upgrade to Visual Studio 2013 and you definitely don't have to have IE10!
This package provides a very simple data dump into Excel for MVC applicaitions.
MJ.Core is the core part of MJ.MVC framework, in charge of binding data models to UI controls for C# WinForm applications
MJ.MVC is a lightweight MVC Framework for WinForm C# application developers, who can jump in/out painlessly.
Makes Use of Repository.Services in MVC5 and Microsoft Unity for dependency injection.
Ninja Controller
Simple repository for generating random Person objects. Mostly for use when playing around with MVC. For use in training.
This package to privide RadiobuttonList and CheckboxList for your mvc project
A Fluent class based workflow engine for ASP.NET MVC Controller Actions
Build your ASP.NET MVC solution faster.
Project base for ICSIS MVC web applications
An MVC package that simplifies error handling.
HTML Helpers for Razor view input fields styled in Bootstrap 3 markup. Input Textbox example: @Html.BootstrapTextBoxFor(m => m.Firm.ContactName, "Contact name").DivWrapper("col-md-3") Select List (Dropdown) example: @Html.BootstrapDropDownListFor(m => m.Firm.BaseCurrency, Model.DefaultCurrencySele...
A library for helping convert your types into search results for Bloodhound.
Enables ASP.NET to read content files (e.g. .css, .js, .aspx) stored as resources in referenced assemblies