Top 20 NuGet mvc Packages

A node.js and standalone mono-based web server powered test harness for ASP.NET MVC. Write your tests in JavaScript or CoffeeScript and use the best of both worlds
A library to auto-generate JavaScript proxy objects from WebAPI and MVC controllers.
A package to add intellisense to ProxyApi
A simple xml helper to convert from xml to dynamic expandoObject
Fork of the MvcScaffolding project in order to use it with twitter.bootstrap.mvc4 project
ASP.NET MVC helpers for embedding static maps with the Google Static Maps API V2.
Profiler panel.
Provides Umbraco Model and General Extensions use with MVC
A security package to allow an attribute to be set on controller methods to allow debugging over non SSL connections locally, but ensuring when the code goes to a live environment SSL connections are required.
Useful tools for ASP.NET MVC applications. For example, support for jQuery plugin
The template to bind JSON data to View from Controller in MVC Application.
A nuget pacakge for setting up Thorax.js in an MVC project.
This is a small library that allows to use C# classes and helpers to include some of bootstrap controls and components to a MVC page.
Use within ASP.NET MVC Razor Views to let your Partial Views and Html Helpers insert their scripts, style sheets, and other content into the appropriate areas of the page. Often their locations are defined in a different View file such as the master page.
A few light weight classes for ASP.Net MVC web applications
This package install framework javascript into your script folder and adds reference to Mitchell.Mvc.Framework.dll
Utilitario para aplicações MVC
TeleportR is a high level API that facilates data exchange from JavaScript to an ASP.NET server-side application.
Expected Tools for MVC