Top 20 NuGet MEssaging Packages

Library of lightweight WCF-based service bus with queue and topic support for secure event-driven messaging between disjointed systems.
Framework for enabling time-series data processing services including hosted input, action and output adapter implementations.
The most popular open-source service bus for .NET
C# Redis Client for the worlds fastest distributed NoSQL datastore. Byte[], String and POCO Typed clients. Thread-Safe Basic and Pooled client managers included.
High performance Redis client, incorporating both synchronous and asynchronous usage.
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
NHibernate integration for NServiceBus
Package Description
RabbitMQ support for NServiceBus
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.Common
Catel.Core library.
The process used when sharing an azure instance between multiple NServiceBus endpoints
NServiceBus Transport for the Windows Azure Servicebus
NServiceBus Transport for the Windows Azure Storage Queues
RavenDB persistence support for NServiceBus
Adapter for the Autofac IoC Container
A 100% native C# port of the lightweight high performance messaging library ZeroMQ
Adapter for the Unity IoC Container
Adapter for the Castle Windsor IoC Container