Top 20 NuGet ios Packages

Custom Controls for Xamarin Forms
A storage engine provider for Couchbase Lite .NET that utilizies the system-installed SQLite library
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project ot turn your buttons into elegant circle buttons with an icon. Customizable border thickness and color. Ensure you call ButtonCircleRenderer.Init() on each platform! Built against:
Simple cross-platform plugin to work with screen orientation of mobile device.
Share statuses, links, and images on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more.
Provides Secure storage of key value pairs for iOS, Android and UWP apps.
Upload files using multipart request across Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, UWP, Xamarin.Mac, tvOS and watchOS
NGraphics is a cross platform library for rendering vector graphics on .NET. It provides a unified API for both immediate and retained mode graphics using high quality native renderers.
Portable math library for game development. Part of TOE: Tiny Open Engine.
SQLite.Net PCL is an open source, minimal library to allow .NET and Mono applications to store data in SQLite databases. This is a fork of the original sqlite-net project, which aims to cleanup/improve the code and deliver the package as PCL assemblies with some additional platform-speci...
Easily add icon fonts to your Xamarin.Forms applications!
Unified Maps provides a Xamarin.Forms map control for iOS and Android apps. It is designed to be a near drop in replacement for the Xamarin.Forms.Maps package but with enhanced functionality.
Provides Observable-based events API for Xamarin Forms UI controls/eventhandlers. The contents of this package is automatically generated, please target pull-requests to the code generator.
This package consists of a .NET Standard library that provides undo/redo support. Codon is a zero-dependency cross-platform MVVM framework for creating UWP, WPF, and Xamarin applications. It provides much of what you need to rapidly create sophisticated yet maintainable applications.
The Font Awesome font for SkiaSharp.Extended.Iconify.
The Ionicons font for SkiaSharp.Extended.Iconify.
The Material Design Icons font for SkiaSharp.Extended.Iconify.
The Material Icons font for SkiaSharp.Extended.Iconify.
The Meteocons font for SkiaSharp.Extended.Iconify.
The Simple Line Icons font for SkiaSharp.Extended.Iconify.