Top 20 NuGet ios Packages

This Guards project is a light-weight toolbox which helps you to protect your public interfaces against invalid parameters being passed over. It is one of the fundamentals in object oriented programming that you clearly shield your internals from invalid external signals.
Easily add icon fonts to your Xamarin.Forms applications!
Easily add icon fonts to your Xamarin.Forms applications!
TestFairy is a powerful app testing platform which helps iOS developers send their apps to testers and provides videos that show exactly what happened on the client side during the test. When testing mobile apps in the crowd, you never know what exactly was done and if there was a problem, what...
WPF specific extensions to ReactiveUI
A library to aid in writing unit tests for ReactiveUI projects
ReactiveUI extensions for the Android Support Library
ACR Core Extensions
Iridium is a lightweight multi-platform .NET ORM for mobile, desktop and servers
Redbridge C# iOS Identity Library for Auth0 products
Redbridge C# iOS Identity Library for Google integration.
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project to display HTML content into labels. Ensure you call HtmlLabelRenderer.Init() on each platform! Built against:
Cleans the .csproj file for a Bridge project.
Unit test framework for Bridge.NET projects. Write tests in C#, run them in JavaScript.
Xamarin embeddable image viewer with 360 degree support for Xamarin Forms
Implementation of the Technology Solutions ASCII Protocol for use with Universal Apps, Universal Windows Platform, Xamarin and Xamarin Forms
Extensions to VelocityDB for efficient LINQ index/BTree queries, AzureSession file API usage with Microsoft Azure, import/export to/from CSV and JSON, Sync, GeoHash, Compressed Bitmap and RTree.
A customizable template used to scaffold a cross-platform MvvmCross application. Includes a .NET Standard class library. Supports Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS and UWP project types for Xamarin Native and Xamarin Forms.
We provide conversion to all image formats supported by .NET framework via System.Drawing.Image class so you are able to export PDF files to BMP,JPG,PNG,TIFF as well as work with this bitmap on a fly. We support rendering of the PDF content including: - text (with embedded, externally linked, stand...
Provides Observable-based events API for common UI controls/eventhandlers. The contents of this package is automatically generated, please target pull-requests to the code generator.