Top 20 NuGet inversion Packages

Canister is a simple Inversion of Control container wrapper. It can be used by itself as a standalone IoC container or wrap around other IoC implementations, thus giving them a common interface to deal with.
Plugin that adds a ioc container to duality
The Unity Application Block (Unity) is a lightweight extensible dependency injection container with support for constructor, property, and method call injection. It facilitates loosely-coupled design. Declarative configuration and registration by convention are supported on selected platforms. This ...
The core library for the singularity ioc container
A wrapper class for FluentValidation library. Allow to inject a custom validator or the AbstractValidator.
An Autofac extension for IoC.Configuration. Detailed documentation on IoC.Configuration is available at Look at
A Ninject extension for IoC.Configuration. Source code can be found at Detailed documentation on IoC.Configuration is available at Look at
The main functions of IoC.Configuration library are: 1) Container agnostic configuration of dependency injection using XML configuration file. The file has section where container can be specified, that will be handling dependency injection resolutions. Currently two popular containers are support...
MVVM<;BareKnuckleStyle> - IServiceProvider extensions
A simple dependency injection container with focus on the bare necessities.
A generic and automatic Dependency Injection by reflection using SimpleInjector. For more information take a look at the Project URI.
A library to facilitate Dependency Inversion
A library to facilitate Dependency Inversion with System.Net.Http
Additional wireup provider for NanoMessageBus using Autofac.
BoC needs some documentation, but contains lots of usefull stuff like -EventAggregator pattern implementation -Inversion of Control wrapper (see other BoC packages like BoC.InversionOfControl.Unity for implementations) -DataContext pattern implementation (see other BoC packages like BoC.Per...
Enterprise Foundation Classes
EFC Service application block. Includes compoents such as Data acccess, Exception handling, Logging, Audting etc
Dynamo IoC is a super fast and lightweight IoC Container.
Log4net logging extension for MugenInjection.
NLog2 logging extension for MugenInjection.