Top 20 NuGet helper Packages

Provides useful helpers regarding threading
Base classes and structures for developing well achitected, developer focused Umbraco solutions. Check out the GitHub project source at for samples to indicate making the best use of the code.
Test Support elements for developing well achitected, developer focussed Umbraco solutions with Umbraco.Pylon.
Pioneer.Pagination is an ASP.NET Core Tag Helper used to simplify server side pagination needs.
Helper for UWP apps and libs
The Relativity API Helpers include interfaces that you can program against when developing agents, custom pages, and event handlers. They provide the ability to write common code for sharing across these extensibility points, simplifying your development processes and facilitating code reusability.
Persistence test helpers for CoreDdd library
Helpers for CoreDdd library
Huanlin library for Windows specific APIs.
Accessory to Persian calendar, string extensions, encryption, ip, log and rest api for .Net. You can easily use it.
Azure Key vault helper.Please Configure ClientId, ClientSecret and KeyVaultUrl as keys in appsettings with valid values.
Simple collection of helper for your project.
Huanlin library for common utilities.
MCART for Windows Presentation Framework
MCART .Net Standard Edition
ASP.NET Core tag helpers for Subresource Integrity (SRI), Referrer meta tags, OpenGraph (Facebook) and Twitter social network meta tags.
Library that provides extension and helper methods of all kinds.
Html helper for Lightweight and serializable PagedList implementation for .NET that can create a Pager Markup (Bootstrap for version 3.3.x and version 4.x.x) MVC 3-4-5
Coletânea de códigos padrões
MCART Lite Edition