Top 20 NuGet framework Packages

A simple and lightweight query .NET library for Solr, in a controlled, buildable and fail fast way - Core library
Simple non-bloated MVVM Framework.
A .Net library for code simplification.
A collection of classes used to aid in the building of applications.
A C# framework for productivity, speed and fluency.
LinqExpressionsMapper is LINQ extensions library for EntityFramework and other .NET LINQ ORMs. More info at
This library is a .NET Micro Framework driver for Eclo Solutions SIM800H IoT module. Includes support for: - TCP sockets (with/without SLL) - HTTP(S) with .NETMF equivalent API - SMS - NTP protocol - Location services (using SIMCOM API) - Sending image and text MMS message Versions available for ....
WPF MVVM Framework
Framework Security Base
Controle de Exceções
Framework Common Classes
Framework Interfaces
Framework Pattern
Framework Infra Data
Framework Domain Base