Top 20 NuGet f# Packages

SIMD enhanced Array operations for F#
OAuth utilities for WebSharper
Common functionality which can be used in FSharp projects. The library exposes active patterns for comparison operations, numerals, strings. It has a Result monad and its builder for computation expressions.
Help using RavenDB from F# (and Newtonsoft.Json)
FSRepository provides a quick way of creating a repository in an F# project that uses EntityFramework code first for data access.
A thin veneer of F#ness arround log4net
A thin veneer of F#ness arround several different frameworks to make a light weight Mvc framework.
FSharpCouch is a simple wrapper around the CouchDB HTTP API.
MongoFs provides a few simple helper functions wrapped around the official Mongo C# client that make it a littler easier to use from F#.
Describe behaviour in plain text using the Gherkin business language, i.e. given, when, then. Easily execute the behaviour against matching F# tick methods (let ``tick method`` () = true) or attributed C# or F# methods.
The Moq.FSharp.Extensions provide extension methods and functions to enhance the Moq experience in F#.
FsUnit is a set of extensions that add special testing syntax to MbUnit.
F# DB Access Library for Global Transactions
F# Lightweight Web API Framework
A F# implementation that uses the Markdown parser from FSharp.Formatting and formats the output into PDF using PdfSharp-MigraDoc.
Transitional package, you can remove and directly use nuget package ID R.NET.FSharp
FunScript binding for filesystem (BETA version).
FunScript binding for fpsmeter (BETA version).
FunScript binding for gamepad (BETA version).
FunScript binding for gapi (BETA version).