Top 20 NuGet entityframework Packages

Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to NetSuite objects. Just specify your credentials and access tables like NetSuite Customers, Accounts, etc.
A plugin for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore to support automatically recording data changes history.
Application framework for .NET Core
The Entity Framework Core Provider for Firebird enables you to develop .NET applications that connect to the Firebird database using Entity Framework Core.
Extensions for EntityFramework Core
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.EntityFrameworkCore.Sqlite notifies of EF requests.
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.EntityFrameworkCore.Pomelo.MySql notifies of EF requests.
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.EntityFrameworkCore.Npgsql notifies of EF requests.
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.EntityFrameworkCore notifies of EF requests.
TSQL plugin for KY.Generator
Utility classes and methods for using AdaptiveClient to work with DBContext and other Entity Framework Core objects. Build loosely coupled services, readily accessible via a lightweight façade. Easily build your service layer to use multiple providers (MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite) with no additional infra...
This package contains common Entity-Framework extensions for the CG.Linq namespace. Please do not directly reference this package. Platforms supported: .NET 4.6x or above .NET Standard 2.x .NET Core 2.x
The Hood CMS is a full content management system providing a solid backbone to any website. Created by George Whysall.
Ventura SQL is an integrated solution for retrieving and updating SQL Server data in a genuine 3-tier architecture at record performance. Ventura SQL is the hyper productive alternative for the Entity Framework/Web service combination. The client runtime for .Net Standard works with .Net Framework, ...
An alternative query compiler for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer that supports complex queries and operators and FOR JSON.
The files and references that are essential for a Breeze ASP.NET Web API 2.2 client and server on Entity Framework 6.
Entity Framework data provider implementation for the SenseNet.Security project.
Coda.Data.Sql provides helpers for working with SqlConnections on a bulk basis by providing Bulk Loading / Insertion Capabilities. Continually updated with new features and bugfixes as necessary, commercially supported from Cedita.
EntityFrameworkExtras.EF6 provides some useful additions to EntityFramework such as executing Stored Procedures with User-Defined Table Types and Output Parameters. github: (See Changelog!) contact: fodsuk at hotmail dot com