Top 20 NuGet email Packages

VB.NET source file that contains an extension method that replaces accented characters within a string through non-accented ones, which is useful to create logon names, email addresses etc. German upper-case umlauts like "Ä" are converted either to "Ae" or "AE" depending the context, "ß" analogousl...
1) Creates and saves event Log. 2) Sends email on errors.
C# client library for using Zender API's to send mail. Zender has been built from the ground up as a Web API. It is built to serve developers and make it easy to send email. Send unlimited emails, no credit card needed. Register to get an API Key and start using Zender client API: http://zender.shar...
Multiple implementations on email address validation.
Easily control all aspects of sending and retrieving information from the MailFacts API.
Mailer - Simple SQL Email Queue
This package is designed to be an easy way to use Afilnet API services. You can send SMS, email and voice notifications using your Afilnet account. You only need an Afilnet account with enought credits.
Scheduled Email sender is a Nuget package that allows you to schedule an email to be sent at some time in the future, or at a set interval. Multiple emails can be chained, so you can use this to send many emails at many different intervals. This is ideal for sending reminders to users, or daily re...
Simple email wrapper in C# for SMTP and Mailgun
Smtp Server write in C#
Mail Helper
Serviço verificador de endereços de e-mail.
Validators for data types that are not available in c# apis
Library to create and send email by SMTP.
This is NLog custom target, made with .NET Standard Library (1.6+), able to send logs to RavenDb. Inspired by:
A standalone library for producing documents of any text-driven format (html, md, csv, etc.) using a powerful and extensible templating engine. Quick Start: 1. use TemplateResolver.Create<YOUR_TYPE>(TEMPLATE) to create your template resolver. Templates use {{PROPERTY_PATH}} for placeholders (can be...
Helps you to send emails easily using your GMAIL account. after importing or installing the library you can use " sendEmail " function after providing it with the correct parameters to easily send your emails send Note: ( you must 'Less secure apps' in your gmail account )
Using VerifyEmailAddress method can check if the email box exists on Microsoft of Google servers before you send email to. It very useful if you would like to reduce email sending bounce rate.
Neo Systems .NET libraries