Top 20 NuGet email Packages

This API can be used to easily send sms messages using email to over 60 carriers in the United States for free.
Message Bus is a cloud-based platform for easily sending email at scale and with complete insight into your messaging traffic and how recipients are responding to it. All platform functions are available via REST API as well as the language-specific documentation, sample code, libraries, and/or comp...
Easily build SendGrid SMTPAPI headers.
IMAP4 Client Library
Easily use your favorite SMTP client library to send mail through SendGrid with the proper X-SMTPAPI headers.
.Net Dev Utils
This library makes it possible to create an ExactTarget email from a specified template with a content area.
Fluent email wrapper. Sending mail to the declarative style.
E-mail body renderer based on Razor view engine
Client for e-mail web service by TsSoft
An email templating solution for .NET
ActionMailer.Net aims to be an easy, and relatively painless way to send email from your application. The concept is pretty simple. We can render HTML by utilizing some pretty snazzy view engines, so why can't we do the same thing for email?
Generate mock emails with random email addresses and content
MailUp Rest API SDK
POP3 Client library for .NET written in C# with attachment, html, plain and multipart support written in C#
.net email logger
This package helps you in sending email using smtp with proper format without writing any basic code, just create object and pass details.
Simple wrapper to send emails using the elasticemail cloud service
VB.NET source file that contains an extension method that replaces accented characters within a string through non-accented ones, which is useful to create logon names, email addresses etc. German upper-case umlauts like "Ä" are converted either to "Ae" or "AE" depending the context, "ß" analogousl...
1) Creates and saves event Log. 2) Sends email on errors.