Top 20 NuGet ef Packages

An EF Code First implementation of a derived DbContext with provisions for the soft delete pattern. You would normally subclass the provided class for your own DbContext class. The entities should have a column named IsDeleted or Deleted. Reverse Engineer EF CodeFirst text templates are provided wi...
This package contains the runtime assembly for ASP.NET EntityDataSource control for EntityFramework.
This package contains the runtime assembly for ASP.NET DynamicData provider for EntityFramework.
This package contains everything you need to expose structured storage using Entity Framework as part of your .NET mobile backend hosted in Microsoft Azure. For more information, check out DEPRECATED: Azure Mobile Services is now deprecated in favor of Azure Mobil...
Utility to generate tables from enums for EF code first. To contribute or for more information visit
Adds the templates that EF uses to generate Code First models from a database so that code generation can be customized.
EntityFrameworkExtras.EF5 provides some useful additions to EntityFramework such as executing Stored Procedures with User-Defined Table Types and Output Parameters. github: (See Changelog!) contact: fodsuk at hotmail dot com
File repository helper classes for SQL Server. Allows files to be uploaded and downloaded as streams.
Link for details:
The EF implementation for the generic repository.
Testable EntityFramework: Easy and straightforward way to test EF queries
Simple framework for easy unit testable entity framework.
Simple framework for easy unit testable entity framework.
Contains implementations for Bricks.DAL concepts.
Generic repository for Entity Framework. This is an Early Alpha Build. Work in process.
Entity Framework Context Library (ECL) provides DbContextFactory to support mutliple DbContext instances within a UnitOfWork transaction scope through UnitOfWorkManager, using Entity Framework 7.
ORM Profiler lets you gain insight in what your data-access code, e.g. your Entity Framework using code, is doing, find performance problems and quickly learn how to fix them. SD.Tools.OrmProfiler.Interceptor is the interceptor package for Entity Framework v6.x. The Interceptor assemblies are pa...
Parses SQL files to create a meta-object hierarchy with which you can generate C# code such as stored procedure wrappers or Entity Framework entities. Includes templates. Go to for more info!
Extension methods and javascript/css for rendering my datagrid component in web pages
This package contains an example of using HybridDataAccess.