Top 20 NuGet easy Packages

A simple and fast contractless RPC library for .NET and .NET Core, over IServiceCollection
Library that helps in the development of applications that use the ODBC connection type. This library provides new ODBCConnection extension methods that make it easy to execute querys, inserts, updates, and deletes
Written over MySql.Data, a simpiler way to use MySql in .NET Standard. Allows easy database connection and reading queried results while maintaining the disposable objects and providing access to all default MySql.Data objects.
Make HTTP Requests easier, using a generic builder pattern and options for customizations.
Contains a set of interfaces to be implemented by any logger.
EzNetworking - A simple to use tcp server / client library
SimplePipeline is an easy to use pipeline system. Our code uses custom interfaces making it highly extensible.
AutoProc is a lightweight Asp.Net Core 2 middleware package which makes it easy to create a backend by exposing your stored procedures as an API.
Knockout Utilities Extensions to simplify Knockout app development
Easy Table (easy-table) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Easy Jsend (easy-jsend) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
React Easy Chart (react-easy-chart) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
jQuery Easy Loading (jquery-easy-loading) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Combines NetCore.Simple and MySql.simple packages merged functionalities
Simple FTP Manager to upload, download, create, test and rename. Easy to use!
An inmemory implementation of RDS.CaraBus
Gets the YouTube ID from a YouTube link
A fast and easy to use library for managing data with a SQLite database based on Dapper.
Additional features and functionalities to extend Easy.Logger
This is a simple library to send email via SMTP server as easy as possible