Top 20 NuGet dynamic Packages

Roslyn Scripting provide awesome compilation of any C# expression. Roslyn.Scripting has one disadwantage now: for any single script parse it creates separate assembly in current AppDomain. Now there is no ability to unload such assemblies even they are not used anymore. ExpressionCompil...
A tiny (ligthweight) tcp server providing tcp infrastructure and hooks (on client data exchange) for application with possibility to specify behaviour dynamically via C# script.
The CodeDom provider for CS-Script Class Library that targets Roslyn.
Class Library assembly for the CS-Script engine (no dependencies). CS-Script is a CLR (Common Language Runtime) based scripting system which uses ECMA-compliant C# as a programming language. This package distributes only the raw CS-Script engine so you can use it (if required) with untested dependen...
Provides dynamic proxies for RPC clients and servers.
PostSharp SDK allows for development of PostSharp add-ins using low-level APIs.
A library that facilitates the distribution of code in the .NET framework.
Class library that adds dynamic module loading capabilities to Waher.Runtime.Inventory.
AutoProc is a lightweight Asp.Net Core 2 middleware package which makes it easy to create a backend by exposing your stored procedures as an API.
Dapper extensions for sdmap.
Dapper extensions for sdmap. Note: FlySql has renamed to SMSOneSQL.
A slim yet powerful ORM layer.
Redistributable components for package 'freetype'. This package should only be installed as a dependency. (This is not the package you are looking for).
Write reusable filter expressions that get compiled at runtime!
It enables you to make dynamic filtered, sorted and paged IQueryables easily with .Filter() Extension Method. check out "Project Site" on Github for more details.
Signed Xamarin Android Support Library - Dynamic Animation assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
base swagger upgrade and Customized
Xamarin Dynamic Forms
LESS extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions.
Convert / deserialize JSON or XML to dynamic. Convert / serialize dynamic to JSON or XML.