Top 20 NuGet dotnet Packages

Base Kafka Consumers
.Net Client for DigitalMomentum's STS
.Net Client for DigitalMomentum's Email service
Scotty doesn't know? Yes he does! Ask him if an update is available.
dotNet HOCON implementation library
It's the instead of mysql database connector with our ASP.Net applications. Example: Console, Web Form, MVC5 applications etc.
Identity Auth Extended
.NET Framework v4.0 interface for module development on Azure IoT Edge.
Demo package for dotnet core released.
Port of CEFGlue to NetStandard1.6.
CEF Glue support for Avalonia
CEF Glue support for Avalonia
Powershell and MSBuild tasks for standard devops tasks in C#. The tasks are simplified versions of Powershell and MSBuild script for ease use and understanding for newcommers to Powershell and MSBuild. Includes build and deploy examples.
A C#-based system-level design framework with VHDL output
邮件发送组件、内容采集、CSV数据文件导入工具、日志记录组件、MVC验证登陆组件、MVC分页组件、短信发送组件和强大的Repeate和RepeaterPager组件! 总有一款适合你。
Assembly runner support for DotNetBuild scripts
Use .NET scripts to build your .NET code
Common tasks for DotNetBuild scripts
a MongoDb data access library