Top 20 NuGet dependency-injection Packages

Adds Ninject support for WinFormsMVP.
Adds StructureMap support for WinFormsMVP.
Adds Unity support for WinFormsMVP.
A simple and fast IoC Container for .Net
The Shell Winforms Application that provides a core-foundation to develop a Module-able application.
Adds SimpleInjector support for WinFormsMVP.
DryIoc.MefAttributedModel is DryIoc extension to support Microsoft Managed Extensibility Framework for DryIoc container
Created as an alternative to the Common Service Locator that does not use the service location anti-pattern and provides support for releasing instances. Adapters are available for various dependency injection containers. There are also WCF extensions available.
Test Nuget package that demonstrates how to create and publish a package. The project is a demo of an optional logging pattern that is described in the linked blog post.
Yaaf.DependencyInjection.Ninject is a implementation of Yaaf.DependencyInjection for Ninject.
Yaaf.DependencyInjection.SimpleInjector is a implementation of Yaaf.DependencyInjection for SimpleInjector.
TypeScript Definitions (d.ts) for aurelia dependency injection
Simple Injector ASP.NET MVC "vHalfNext"-flavor Integration.
Composer is an extensible Compositional Architecture framework, providing a set of functionality such as Inversion of Control container (IoC), Dependency Injection (DI), Plug-in framework, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Configurability and Composability for components.
Easy and simple attribute based dependency injection registration.
Extremely fast dependency injection library.
Package Description
Superset of MEF attributes. In addition to Export/Import contains attributes to support modern IOC (DryIoc) features.
DryIoc.Zero is fast and clean IoC Container working on top of compile-time generated service factories, therefore decreasing startup casts.
jsfac extension for knockoutjs to enable declarative bootstrapping.