Top 20 NuGet data Packages

FluentDAO is a Micro ORM that makes it simple to select, insert, update and delete data in a database. visit for more info.
Simple Key Value Store on top of SQLite
The SafeConvert is a .NET library used to convert data between data types safely.
O projeto Ezconet Data Core contém os objetos comuns para trabalhar com o projeto Ezconet Data.
O projeto Ezconet Data auxilia no desenvolvimento da camada de acesso à dados.
O projeto Ezconet Data Generics auxilia no projeto Ezconet Data para trabalhar com construções de objetos via Reflection e contém um Repositório Genérico.
Light is Data Access Layer for SQL Server it will handle all of the legacy that come when dealing with sql server database like " open connections, create sqlcommand, loop throw DataReader, Get a Data Table , convert Data table to Object or data set, close connection, get output and paramete...
Enterprize framework for POCO and stored procedure data access. Built on top of MS Enterprize library this framework extends the functionality into an easy to use framework. Includes multi tenant suport for large systems as wel as variouse other functions.
PostgreSQL Data Layer
Mobility Platform Data Access
A simple collection designed to facilitate data virtualisation in Windows Universal apps through the implementation of the ISupportIncrementalLoading.
Core data.
The official ASP.NET WURFL Cloud API allows you to query the WURFL database without having to host the database in your applications. This is beneficial because it guarantees that your WURFL data are always up to date. In addition, you don’t need to be concerned about distributing and synchronizin...
This package contains an example of using HybridDataAccess.
Traverse DependencyObjects properties up the logical and visual tree
Provides APIs for accessing Eikon data such as realtime market data and time series. APIs can be consumed from both Eikon Library Apps and standalone applications. (64 bits signed assembly)
Data access layer for Toolkit library.
Toolkit Data for EntityFramework
Toolkit Data for filesystems