Top 20 NuGet data Packages

An open source Mixpanel .NET integration library that supports the complete Mixpanel API. The main idea of the library is to hide API details allowing you to concentrate on data that you want to analyze. Supported platforms: .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5 and .NET Standard 1.1. It's also well document...
The fastest, most accurate tools. Deployed by millions. Request.Browser properties will be populated with data from 51Degrees Lite Device Data. Other features include automatic image optimisation, monitoring of network conditions and client side feature detection.
Library that provides basic abstraction for Internet Content Type, and basic encodings and decodings. This includes handling and parsing of common data types.
Punch is a blend of three popular frameworks: Caliburn.Micro + DevForce + Entity Framework. Line of business applications need to query and save database data, model the data as objects with business logic, and present those objects to the end user. Punch takes care of these fundamental responsibil...
PubNub is a Massively Scalable Web Push Service for Web and Mobile Games. This is a cloud-based service for broadcasting messages to thousands of web and mobile clients simultaneously
Entity Framework Core .NET Command-line Tools. Includes dotnet-ef.
Extension for Chloe.ORM
Lazy-loading proxies for EF Core.
Handsontable is a data grid component with an Excel-like appearance. Built in JavaScript, it integrates with any data source and comes with features like data validation, sorting, grouping, data binding or column ordering.
Makes FakeItEasy Dummies useful by wiring-them-up to real-looking, random test data. Leverages the power of AutoFixture to create anonymous variables. Fixes some of AutoFixture's poor default behaviors. Makes unit tests more expressive with less lines of code.
Simple JSON flat file data store
Provides the client infrastructure for the data flow.
Provides the model for data, including the Entity classifier and the related scope dimensions.
Provides the data context and the associated commands for in-memory data store.
Provides functionality for data import/export (input/output).
Provides the endpoints for the data flow.
Task scheduling for .NET: Azure Service Bus
Data transformation and analytics library. See the project url for more details.
The Vanguard Framework is a framework for developing database driven web applications and web services. It combines a set of design patterns and best practices to kick start your project.
Crypteron CipherStor for encrypting files and file streams destined for Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, SMB and local file servers