Top 20 NuGet cqrs Packages

NServiceBus support for Aggregates.NET
StructureMap support for Aggregates.NET
NewtonsoftJson support for Aggregates.NET
EventStore support for Aggregates.NET
ES/CQRS framework for NServiceBus and EventStore
Hangfire job scheduling support for EventFlow
Generic SQL support for EventFlow
SimpleInjector support for Aggregates.NET
Async/await first CQRS+ES and DDD framework for .NET -
Ease of use framework for testing Aggregates.NET entities and handlers
Autofac support for EventFlow
RabbitMQ integration for EventFlow
MSSQL support for EventFlow
Event Store event store for EventFlow. Download it from
SQLite event store for EventFlow
Elasticsearch support for EventFlow
AspNetCore support for EventFlow
Streamstone is a lightweight library which implements a low-level mechanics of Event Store on top of Windows Azure Table Storage. Handles concurrency conflicts via optimistic locking. Supports custom event and stream metadata. Optimized for batch processing.
Event Sourcing, CQRS and DDD framework for modern C#/.NET applications. ASP.NET platform integration package (user context, authentication using Identity, etc.).
Use Azure ServiceBus as a message, event or command bus in CQRS.NET