Top 20 NuGet compiler Packages

Package Description
Target specific Libraries for LLVM 5.0.1 (x86-Release)
Target specific Libraries for LLVM 5.0.1 (x86-Debug)
Libraries and configuration headers for LLVM 5.0.1 (x86-Release)
Libraries and configuration headers for LLVM 5.0.1 (x86-Debug)
Libraries and configuration headers for LLVM 5.0.1 (x86-Debug)
SaaS-Plugins is a C# project that deals with the runtime code compilation and management of plugin assemblies across multiple AppDomains while allowing for recompiles without restarting the controlling application.
The ASP.NET Merge tool (Aspnet_merge.exe) enables you to combine and manage assemblies that are created by the ASP.NET Compilation (Aspnet_compiler.exe) tool.
Contains a modified F# interactive and compiler that allows for programmatic access rather than a stream based mechanism.
A .Net wrapper for the TypeScript Compiler.
MVC Razor WebPages Asp.NET Framework
CoffeeScript compiler for Windows. With a HttpHandler, command-line tool and a .NET library. For ASP.NET projects: After installing this package, all .coffee files will be compiled on the fly by the HttpHandler and returned as JavaScript. Note: For production usage, it is recommened to compile all...
The common components for VBF.Compilers libraries
SQL Query Modeller and Compiler with Fluent Interface
This library is an almost one to one wrapper around Bethesdas Papyrus compiler for the AAA-Title "Skyrim". It delegates the calls made directly to the Papyrus compiler and only does conversions where necessary. Some Changes have been made to make the code compliant with the Microsoft C# Rules
Allows to use CodeDOM Providers for .NET Compiler Platform in non-ASP.NET projects
Stack based Expression builder and compiler.
MOSA Compiler Framework
Replacement CodeDOM providers that use the new .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") compiler as a service APIs. This provides support for new language features in systems using CodeDOM (e.g. ASP.NET runtime compilation) as well as improving the compilation performance of these systems.
Efficient Processing, Compilation, and Execution of Expression Trees at Runtime