Top 20 NuGet call Packages

Cisco Spark SDK on Windows, WME version 8.0.2
A basic .NET Standard 2.x library for Call Sign Data for Canada and the US.
A helper for .NET platform that makes RESTful API calls easier than ever.
Twilio video calls across Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android
Remote Procedure Calls over HTTP utilizing JSON. Catch Remote Service exceptions. Change tracking. Support for Asynchronous Programming. Support for Remote Procedure Calls with interfaces as parameters and/or return type.
Tungsten.Net.RPC is a client/server solution for invoking methods on a server. Communications are made over the port you specify. RPC methods on the server are created by attributing classes and methods with the [RPCClass] and [RPCMethod] attributes. Clients make calls by passing in the method na...
A library for sending sms messages, making calls and sending emails through OTS Platform
CrossPlatformLibrary.Messaging is a plug-in for platform-independent communication (email, telephone, sms).
A library for sending sms messages, making calls through Unifonic Platform
High performance, Realtime and lightweight RPC library for .Net Framework and .Net Portable
NetStandard implementation of actions that you can do on a Contact: Call, Sms, Email
A tiny package for one call password hash (sha2) generator and matcher. Simple Do var h = new Hasher(); var hash = h.getHash("abcd"); var salt = h.Salt; Now you can store salt and hash. To match simply do: var h2 = new Hasher(salt); h2.match(stringToCheck, hash); // returns true or false
LeMAK-Soft Bulk SMS Sender (LeMAKSoftBSS) is a library for Sending Short Message Services (SMS) in Cameroon and in many other countries. Check the supported countries and the prices at
HttpResponseManager is a portable library. Using this library application can call and get Web API response using GET and PUT methods. User can also include the Headers while calling APIs.
Send Email,SMS and make instant calls
The Execution Context Scoping package adds the 'Execution Context Scope' lifestyle, which allows instances to live within an explicitly defined execution context scope (or logical call context) and get disposed when this scope ends. This scope allows flowing through asynchronous method calls.
Can extract the server cache and favorites list of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
This package can deserialize any String, Stream, or StreamReader (On HAL+JSON format or not) provided by a web api response. Installation: On the package console run : Install-Package HALJSonDeserializer Usage: After installation you must include the namespace of the package where you will use it:...
Awesome application logging utility
Send Email,SMS and make instant calls