Top 20 NuGet c# Packages

Many useful extension methods for .NET 4.6+ library most of the methods comes from
DlxLib is a C# class library that solves exact cover problems by implementing Donald E. Knuth's Algorithm X using the Dancing Links technique.
Simplifying the .NET User Configuration for Windows Forms and WPF.
Adds models and data layer to an MVC Web Project
SQLdotNET allows you to write simple SQL SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE queries without using any ORM or creating stored procedures in database. You write code which looks similar to SQL query in your .NET code. Currently library is working only with MS SQL Server.
C# wrapper for GetRawInputDeviceList
Converts HTML to a thumbnail
An MVC approach to console applications
PWDTK Mobile (Password Toolkit Mobile) is a .NET API which easily allows you to create crypto random salt strings and generate password hashes using a HMAC SHA-256 based version of the PBKDF2 specification. It also contains an implementation of password policies which are enforced using regular expr...
Robocode is a programming game. It can be used to teach or learn programming in Java or .NET. It can serve as a platform for exploring AI and machine learning techniques. Or it can be a competitive, addictive hobby that eats up all your time and CPU cycles.
Automatically manages user settings for C# .NET projects
Beems Matrix Provide all basic functionality for Board Games and Apps.
If it would be needed to generate files in runtime, these classes can be used in conjunction with the compilation utilities to compile the templates. The target is to have a system like the one used by ASP.NET to compile the Razor templates into class. If you need it you could use these class as Raz...
An asynchronous calculation framework for MVVM Models