Top 20 NuGet aspnet Packages

WebGL installation into Bridge.NET projects.
Generate strongly typed client API in C# or TypeScript for .NET Core Web API. Strongly Typed Client API Generator generates C# and TypeScript codes of strongly typed client API similar to what generated by SvcUtil.exe of WCF, provided you have access to the ASP.NET Web API source codes or assemblies...
PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics: support for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
ASP.NET extensions for ClosedXML
ASP.NET Full Framework SessionState and OutputCache Providers for Couchbase .NET SDK
Library for API versioning support in Microsoft ASP.NET Web API
NWebsec middleware for OWIN applications. NWebsec helps you set important security headers and detect potentially dangerous redirects. See project website for documentation.
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects!
A SAML2 Owin middleware, compatible with ASP.NET Identity for external logins.
A SAML2 Http Module for ASP.NET. Install in project and add sections to web.config. No coding required. The package adds an ASP.NET Http Authentication Module that handles the SAML SignIn and SignOut. It works with the claims model of .NET 4.5 and uses the present infrastructure for claims translati...
Core elements for DataTables.AspNet.
Cleans the .csproj file for a Bridge project.
Smart byte mapper library ASP.NET Core extensions for .NET
Kentico Cloud Content Management SDK Helpers
Base framework for ASP.NET MVC projects with Agility CMS. For documentation visit
WampSharp ASP.NET WebSockets support
Webpack development middleware for ASP.NET 5
Single Page Application templates for ASP.NET Core
Single Page Application templates for ASP.NET Core
此程序包包含 ASP.NET MVC 的简体中文附属程序集。