Top 20 NuGet aspnet Packages

Extension to Strathweb CacheOutput WebApi2 for Microsoft AppFabric Distributed Caching
A helper library, for JavaScriptViewEngine, that will transpile ES6.
Asp.NET Web API client generator for TypeScript files
AspNet.Optimization.Extensions Class Library
Trace Hub components that make your existing ASP.NET Web Application have TraceHub functionality. And you may need to cherry-pick a portion of Site.css to your Web project.
Allows you to customize your swagger documentation using code, including support for providing multiple examples for responses and parameters.
Package Description
A library bringing output caching (similar to MVC's "OutputCache"), to Web API actions. Strathweb.CacheOutput will take care of server side caching and set the appropriate client side (response) headers for you. This is a version for Web Api 2 only.
A MongoDb provider for ASP.NET Core Identity built on .Net Standard
A NetStandard 2.0 Neo4j based identity provider for ASP.NET.
Role provider to work with single-sign-on projects
StructureMap 3 IOC Integration for HtmlTags.AspNet.Mvc
ASP.NET MVC Helpers and conventions for ZURB Foundation using HtmlTags.AspNet.Mvc
ASP.NET MVC helpers and conventions for Twitter Bootstrap using HtmlTags.AspNet.Mvc
PRE-RELEASE, do not use (but now supports SignalR).
ASP.NET identity provider using only memory as storage
RoboUI Extension for ASP.NET MVC Core
SwissKnife.SignalR is supplemental library for ASP.NET SignalR
F# Lightweight Web API Framework