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Easy to use, lightweight CMS for ASP.NET MVC 3, MVC 4 and MVC 5 with Razor view engine and C# based on html markup. Can be installed as on new created MVC 3, MVC 4 and MVC 5 project as on already existing. Managing zones are marked using html5 "data-" attributes.
Capistrano-like deployment for .net
This project allows you to provide any web application with views, stylsheets and scripts embedded in an assembly by using the virtual file system of ASP.NET.
Define routes using regular expressions
Sets up MiniProfiler along with a URL you can call to enable/disable the MiniProfiler for your session. Also automatically starts/stops the profiler, and automatically registers the necessary script references. Focus on webforms.
@DummyImage.GetHtml() inserts dummy immage, like It works at local, more responsible than
Project references for Entityspaces ORM Architecture v2012.1.0930.0 You will need to download Entityspaces Studio in order to generate your data layer. For further info, see the project site or
Use this package with ASP .NET in order to authenticate your users with Singly. By default singly access_token will be placed in the session with this name "singly_accesstoken". But since this NuGet package is just source code you can modify that and store it somewhere else (like a cookie if using S...
The library contains multiple controller types implementing different throttling strategies: Linear throttling - limits the number of calls by enforcing specified delay between consequent requests; Short Average - limits the number of calls by specified number of requests per configured duration;...
This is a navigation management system that comes set up for attribute based navigation. Navigation sets are grouped by developer-defined contexts and can be added to or retrieved almost anywhere using the MvcNav extensions. Includes a basic navigation partial view and a readme to get you started. P...
Lightweight mini-profiler, in particular designed for ASP.NET WebForms sites using .NET Framework 3.5
MiniProfiler35 integration for ADO.NET
Web framework for embedded ASP.NET modules/handlers
This is an example of a nuspec file
Facebook C# SDK is an implementation of official PHP SDK and its methods in C#
Asp.Mvc customizable form authentication.
Automatically supports profiling all methods called on interfaces resolved from an Autofac IoC container.
NHibernate drivers to support integration with MiniProfiler.
Create modules for using a base class that helps you subscribe to application events easier than before and in a unit testable manner.