Top 20 NuGet architecture Packages

CoreApp makes easier to control your dependencies and modules
LegacyWrapper uses a wrapper process to call dlls from a process of the opposing architecture (X86 or AMD64). Blog post explaining LegacyWrapper: Blog post explaining the new...
Lifesaver when working with horizontally scalable micro services in .NETCore. This library ensures and exposes vital properties of request and response properties like corelation id, entry time-stamp and tree depth.
A lightweight plugin / dependency system for javascript libraries.
Clean Architecture Adaption in C#
The Domain Seedwork Application Block provides the most basic classes and interfaces to the domain layer of a nlayered DDD solution. It's one from CodeDDD, that is a set of lightweight app blocks with the goal of help on the development of nlayered DDD applications
The fastest and smoothest way to great architecture
The fastest and smoothest way to great architecture
Light EventSourcing DomainModel Architecture
Simple RestLibrary
Package description
Opc made simpler