Top 20 NuGet application Packages

Tools for Azure Queues
Utils for managing queues
Awesome application logging utility
Automatically create a changelog
Automatically create a changelog
Automatically create a changelog
IMPORTANT: This package has been deprecated! Use Abp.Quartz instead.
Mirage is a windows library that provides some common classes to write better MVVM applications. Mirage provides a command framework, a ViewModel framework and a bunch of collection classes that make it easy to write ViewModels for windows applications.
Awesome application logging utility
Read .config files and bind it to model.
Plisky Library Functions including Hub, ConfigHub, CommandLineSupport.
Neo Systems .NET libraries
A Model-view-viewmodel library for .NET Standard 2.0
Test to create a nuget package
Awesome application logging utility
Test Applogger App
Hosts Applicatoion in WPF application
This package is used to install js files for creating sliders for the custom sites
Applogger file to manage Logs
Start Suspended Process Library