Top 20 NuGet aop Packages

DI with AOP framework Moca.NET Core
Custom interceptors for Cauldron.Interception.Fody that provides method, property, field and constructor interception.
MbCache, or Method based Cache, is used to define certain methods to be cached in a centralized way, independed on the underlying caching framework(s).
Adds support for interception to Ninject
Interceptor and dynamicProxy support for Castle.Windsor via AspectCore Framework.
DataValidation extension system for AspectCore Framework.
NuGet packaging Fody repositories
The Enterprise Library Policy Injection Application Block can be used to change the behavior of any .NET objects, in order to better manage crosscutting concerns for these objects. The policy injection is implemented through the Unity interception mechanism. The package includes call handlers for Lo...
Monitoring aspect for exception logging, tracing and monitoring performance
DataAnnotations extension system for AspectCore Framework.
This library provides attributes-based compile-time AOP framework.
Adds support for interception to Ninject using Castle Dynamic Proxy 2
Custom Cecil version used by Fody.
Aspect Oriented Caching based on PubComp.Caching.Core and PostSharp
A minimalistic Aspect Oriented Pointcut approach for Castle DynamicProxy.
A .NET Core based interception framework for AOP programming.
Controls and commands for the PostSharp Model Pattern Library.
Unity interception enables you to effectively capture calls to objects and add additional functionality to the target object. Interception is useful when you want to modify the behavior for individual objects but not the entire class, very much as you would do when using the Decorator pattern. It pr...
Helpers for Fody.