Top 20 NuGet android Packages

Enable Vernacular support in your Xamarin.Forms project.
An API for accessing Plex Media Servers and the connected clients.
DownloadManager for Xamarin.Forms is a plugin for Xamarin.Forms allowing app do Downloads
NView.Controls contains several controls for the cross platform user interface libary NView.
Mvvm implementation of Storm.Mvvm for Xamarin.Android, same package as Storm.Mvvm.Android except it use Support Library V4 for retrocompatibility
Unofficial .NET Client Library for PushBots
Provides a library for enabling Material Design for Android projects.
Provides control abstractions for Xamarin.Forms-based apps.
Provides platform types for Android.
Pushover client.
A tiny FSharp and CSharp Rest server
Custom image controls for your Xamarin.Forms. RoundedImage with customizable border radius, thickness and color. TintedImage with tint effect (iOS only for now). Built against:
These custom controls make it faster and easier to create great apps using Xamarin.Forms. The controls currently included are: SimpleList: For small lists, the UI of the built-in ListView leaves a lot to be desired. You can use a StackLayout, but then you lose the ability to have an It...
A starter package paired with Joyride.Specflow to quickly get you up and running
An easy to use extension for SQLite.Net PCL that allows you to seamlessly encrypt/decrypt data when inserted/accessed from the database by adding one simple attribute. Works great one all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Universal)
The MetaMedia extension makes it easy to take or choose images from your Android or iOS device. Photos taken will contain any metadata, such as exif data, that the source provides along with the current GPS position. The taken photos will be stored in the native camera / ima...
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project to turn your images into elegant image carousel. Ensure you call ImageCarouselRenderer.Init() on each platform! Built against:
standalone nuget package of ActionBarSherlock to avoid using the Xamarin Components
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project.
Barcode scanner for your Xamarin.Forms project.