Top 20 NuGet android Packages

Easily support authentication in your app using passwords, or popular federated identity providers like Google, Facebook, and more.
Xamarin bindings for Google CameraView
Adds custom controls for Xamarin.Forms that use the Google Material Icon font for their content. Create buttons and labels, customize the size and color. Ensure you call MaterialIconControls.Init() on each platform. Built against:
XFPagedCarouselView for Xamarin.Forms provides a custom ContentView allowing you to display paged carousel views in Android and iOS apps. Support for square/rectangle, rounded square/rectangle, circle, heart, oval, triangle and star page indicator. Sample available on GitHub (
This integration pack fills the gap between Tracing.NET and Autofac. It provides an Autofac.Module which sets up the ITracer dependency in order to be injected properly using Autofac IoC framework.
Mvvm Library for Xamarin
Plugin Description
OmniPage Cloud Service (OCS) is a SaaS solution that provides document processing services. The goals of OCS are to • enable no-setup usage of Nuance’s Capture SDK. • provide a ready-to-use, solid and scaling document conversion platform for ISVs. • enable the development of OCR-intensive applica...
The assembly contains platform specific credentials providers for Sitecore Mobile SDK framework.
This is a Google Cloud Messaging helper for C#. Currently only messaging is supported, I am currently working on adding functionality to manage device groups and use of Google's Instance-Id system. If you have any questions or issues please either message me on nuget or open an issue on the repo.
C# bindings for MaterialLoadingProgressBar library. MaterialLoadingProgressBar provide a styled ProgressBar which looks like SwipeRefreshLayout's loading indicator(support-v4 v21+).