Top 20 NuGet android Packages

Bugsnag crash reporting for Android apps
MSBuild tasks to turn C# file into colors.xml for Android.
Polished toast for Xamarin Android
Localhost allows us to use different IP address to access local development machine depending on the platform the app runs on. There are 4 supported platform variations: iOS simulator, iOS device, Android emulator and Android device. This library takes advendage of bait-and-switch pattern so it can ...
Xamarin bindings for Google Volley
Xamarin bindings for Paho (HyperTrack dependency)
Xamarin bindings for Mqttv3 (HyperTrack dependency)
CrossProcessPreferences allows to have a Xamarin.Android ISharedPreferences to work cross process through a ContentProvider. Xamarin port based on
Xamarin core libraries
Небольшая ORM для SQLite.
A flexible bridge to the Universal Windows Platform. Simplify your cross-platform development.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Connectivity is a plug-in for platform-independent access to network connectivity.
Simple cross-platform plug-in that allows you to pick files from the filesystem (iCloud drive in case of iOS) and work with them.
Support for running v2 tests on the UI thread
Quamotion is a UI Test Automation Framework for mobile apps. With Quamotion, you can test Android and iOS native apps using Visual Studio Coded UI.
The Microsoft Band SDK gives developers access to the sensors available on the band, as well as the ability to create and send notifications to tiles. Enhance and extend the experience of your applications to your customers' wrists.
Android platform specific code for DK.SQLite
Android platform specific code
all-in-one easy mvvm implementation for Xamarin.Forms with PullToRefresh feature. look at github for guideline or take a look at sample project.
Python 2.7 build for android.