Top 20 NuGet vulkan Packages

GlmSharp type mappings for SharpVk Shanq
C# Bindings for the Vulkan API
Linq to SPIR-V shader generation
GLFW3 Bindings for C# with Vulkan support via SharpVk
System.Numerics type mappings for SharpVk Shanq.
A low-level, hardware-accelerated graphics and compute library for .NET, with backends for Direct3D 11, Vulkan, and OpenGL. Veldrid can be used to create high-performance 2D and 3D games, simulations, tools, and other graphical applications.
Vulkan-focused C# 7 (.NET Standard 2.0) object-oriented window/input system based on GLFW3
.NET Standard 2.0 Bindings based on
.NET Standard 2.0 Bindings for Vulkan
SPIR-V compiler integration. Build your shaders from right inside Visual Studio.
ImGui integration for Veldrid. Provides a simple interface for rendering and interacting with ImGui.NET.
ImageSharp integration for Veldrid. Provides functionality for loading GPU Textures with ImageSharp.
OpenGL polyfill implementation of Vulkan 1.0 library using OpenGL and OpenTK
A C# Vulkan implementation, based on the generated work from Mono.
Translates C# code to HLSL and GLSL shader code.
Partial OpenGL polyfill implementation of Vulkan 1.0 library using OpenGL
C# implementation of Vulkan 1.0 library
Vulkan 1.0 implementation using Xamarin.Metal
Loads Khronos .ktx image file format in Magnesium.