Top 20 NuGet typescript Packages

A fork of BundleTransformer.TypeScript library, that provides to compiling *.ts files into *.js files with ExtJs syntax, capatible with TypeScript v.1.5 As a JS-engine is used the JavaScript Engine Switcher library ( For correct working of this m...
A generator to convert DTOs to TypeScript
TypeScript code generator, that generates TypeScript interfaces, classes and enums based on .NET types.
Generates TypeScript model from .NET assemblies
Generates TypeScript interfaces from .NET classes
TypeScript Definitions (d.ts) for microsoft-sdk-soap. Generated based off the DefinitelyTyped repository [git commit: b14601af3fb2ad72d5048e94188a569a1838fb9c].
Simple tool to transpile DTO classes used in WebAPI action methods to TypeScript
TypeScript Definitions (d.ts) for v8-profiler. Generated based off the DefinitelyTyped repository [git commit: 7d6547a8a0c3f35ce5de82ba58bfd143c0d20fab].
These are the official TypeScript definitions for the Bing Maps V8 SDK. These can be used to provide intellisense functionality to your IDE.
Javascript and TypeScript files to use datafunc.server