Top 20 NuGet security Packages

Final Approach Software - Building Block - Security
Configuration manager powered by Windows Data Protection API.
A library which can be used to start an impersonation context under a user account different to the one assigned to the current thread. Based on code published by: * Jesse C. Slicer on (01 Apr 2010). * GameScripting on http://stackove...
The SAPIA project provides a standard .NET based HTTP module for web and application servers, which provide the first protection gate for all the application endpoints that protected by it. This project consist of both server-side and client-side functionality. The server side performs the authentic...
Credential Management package is a wrapper for the Windows Credential Management API that supports both the old and the new style of UI
A C#-wrapped native implementation of the scrypt sequential memory-hard password-based key derivation function (PBKDF) invented by Colin Percival for Universal Windows Platform applications. Features: * x86, x64, and ARM binaries. * Exploits vector instructions for maximum performance. * Can harnes...
Encapsulated cryptographic primitives for easy use
NuClear Security basic services
NuClear Security services wo work with claims
Backport of Asp.Net core's policy based authorization to Asp.Net 4.
Backport of Asp.Net core's policy based authorization to Asp.Net 4 Mvc 5
Backport of Asp.Net core's policy based authorization to Asp.Net 4 WebApi 2
Nequeo security credentials component
Kinetix Security Module
EntityFramework.Guardian separate package for entities
Security Tools and Encryption
An extension to the .NET BitArray class to provide utility functions and integration with MS SQL Server as an importable library.
The project is divided into an API for managing HTTP Namespaces, including an object model for ACLs and Security Descriptors, and a UI with automatic elevation in Windows Vista for operations that require administrative privledge.
DevSkim is a framework and Language analyzer that provide inline security analysis
HELOS Security Framework