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caching strategies with repository pattern for EF
caching strategies with repository pattern for EF
Package Description
Package Description
Entity Find Repository
EF Update Repository
EF Count Repository
Unit Of Work pattern over Entity Framework
Interface/BaseClass/Attribute/Exception for Zaabee.Mongo.
Proyecto que contiene las clases bases para repositorio en Fenix
Yarn NHibernate Provider
Common functionality for .Net applications - auditing for Entity Framework, generic repository interface, helper methods for working with attributes.
The fastest and smoothest way to great architecture
LeadPipe.Net.Data provides essential data tier objects including an implementation of a repository, the query object pattern, and unit of work pattern. You can use this package to build your own data implementation, but you might also be interested in the pre-built data implementations such as LeadP...
LeadPipe.Net.Domain provides implementations of core Domain Driven Design types including entity, repository, value object, domain events, aggregate roots, and more. LeadPipe.Net is an open source collection of useful tools for .NET development. Read more about the LeadPipe.Net library ...
LeadPipe.Net.Data.NHibernate.StructureMap is a comprehensive pre-built data implementation package that uses NHibernate and provides implementations of a repository, the query object pattern, and unit of work pattern. This package provides easy component registration for StructureMap users. ...
This is a clean repository pattern abstraction over Entity Framework that is further layered with Unit of Work pattern. This framework helps you to write clean code which dealing with your entity querying and also allows you to add extended operations to each entity service. The major advantages wou...
Package Description
Package Description