Top 20 NuGet repository Packages

MongoUnitOfWork is an extensible library which implements the Unit of Work pattern on top of the Official MongoDB C# driver. It also supports multi-document transactions using two-phase commit as described in MongoDB documentation.
Instead of an onerous writining all the Include(x => x.PropName) methods when eager loading an entity in EF Core, this package allows user to mark entity's properties with the [Include] attribute and then include all those properties by using DbSet's IncludeMarkedProperties() method.
A generic implementation for the repository pattern in C#.
Yarn Entity Framework Provider
A generic C# .Net Repository with a primary focus on testability.
Ixq.Core是Ixq framework的核心类库,此类库定义了如实体、Repository、依赖注入、日志、缓存等功能的接口。
Componente repositorio ADO .NET
Sql Repository Framework
Entity Find Repository
EF Update Repository
EF Count Repository
Unit Of Work pattern over Entity Framework
Classes to implement repositories for a MongoDB backend
Mongol is a wrapper for the MongoDB Official C# Driver which makes it very easy to create repository pattern classes around strongly typed collections for POCO objects. Mongol also includes lambda-based property name resolution for building MongoDB Query/Update operations without magic strings...
An entity framework implementation of the generic repository pattern.
A RavenDB implementation of the generic repository pattern.
An ASP.NET Web API controller that provides automatic CRUD functionality to a generic Repository data store.