Top 20 NuGet ReST Packages

The unofficial .NET/C# client for the GDAX API
Core classes to use with Wrike v3 Rest API
This is a basic rest client for interacting with APIs. It offers the basic functions and is compatable with .net standard 2.0 and .net core 2.0.
Autumn.Mvc.Data.Swagger is Autumn.Mvc.Data extension that will make it easier for you to write Swagger interface. . Install it and test it!
The DeveloperForce.Force NuGet provides a .NET library for interacting with Salesforce's REST APIs.
Clients for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. All clients have a shared interface for common actions.
GoogleAnalyticsTracker for ASP.NET Web API. GoogleAnalyticsTracker was created to have a means of tracking specific URL's directly from C#. For example, it enables you to log API calls to Google Analytics.
Provides a powerful yet lightweight Rest client to access remote resources in Crosslight apps.
A client-side library for .NET that provides an aspect-oriented framework for developing RESTful APIs. (Community Edition)
SharpBucket is a .Net wrapper (written in c#) for the BitBucket's REST API. With it you can have all the data of your repositories / issues at your fingertips.
TypedRest helps you build type-safe fluent-style REST API clients.
This SharePoint 2013+ javascript library is designed to easily interact with the SharePoint REST api.
Operations and data types used with the ArcGIS REST API.
Integrates StructureMap with the Graphite web framework.
This is a plugin for DocFX to split REST API into tag level pages. Operations with the same tag are grouped into one page. If operation is in multiple tags, it would be included in first tag level page. This package contains the plugin for RestApi document processor only.
This is a plugin for DocFX to split REST API into operation level pages.
Configure Swashbuckle.AspNetCore to generate correct documentation for NodaTime types. Documentation uses JSON Schema's 'example' attribute to show the resulting value.
A contract based REST client and server library.
This package provides a programing interface to send text messages
Simple Oauth2 client.