Top 20 NuGet orleans Packages

An admin dashboard for Microsoft Orleans
Support library for hosting Orleans on Microsoft Azure.
Microsoft Orleans library for hosting a silo in a testing project.
Core runtime library of Microsoft Orleans that hosts and executes grains within a silo.
Orleans backplane for SignalR Core.
Microsoft Orleans build-time code generator to install in all grain interface & implementation projects.
Collection of Microsoft Orleans libraries and files needed on the client.
Core library of Microsoft Orleans used both on the client and server.
Microsoft Orleans clustering provider backed by Kubernetes
Collection of Microsoft Orleans libraries and files needed on the server.
Use this for EventHub distributed partition processing. For more information please visit
Library of built-in persistence and stream providers included in Microsoft Orleans.
Package Description
Ocelot extends Orleans components, Api Gateway
A MongoDb implementation of the Orleans Providers. This includes custering (IMembershipTable and IGatewayListProvider), reminders (IReminderTable) and storage providers (IGrainStorage).
Microsoft Windows Performance Counters implementation of Orleans Telemetry API.
Functional API for MSR Orleans. Server-side library.
Core abstractions library of Microsoft Orleans
Library with core types shared between silo and extensions.
Orleans based on Swashbuckle survival Swagger document component